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Pet Soft Tissue Surgery

At Alexis Road Animal Hospital, our veterinarians offer a wide range of surgical services, from simple to complex operations.

Pet Soft Tissue Surgery

Any operation not involving bones or joints is referred to as soft tissue surgery. Regular elective treatments like neuters and spays and considerably more difficult intra-abdominal surgery are all possible. Our veterinary staff carefully assesses your pet to decide whether soft tissue surgery is necessary.
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Pet Soft Tissue Surgery

A wide range of operations is included in soft tissue surgery, typically connected to non-joint or non-bony surgeries. Spaying and neutering, hernia repairs, and mass removals are the most often performed soft tissue operations on animals. Abdominal exploratory, cystotomy, and splenectomy are examples of more complex soft tissue procedures. Our veterinarians at Alexis Road Animal Hospital have experience performing various soft tissue operations. Call us to schedule an appointment if you need one of our surgeries that doesn’t require a referral or prior diagnosis from a primary veterinarian.

To ensure that your pet receives safe anesthesia, our veterinary experts will take the necessary steps. Before surgery, we examine your pet physically, run preoperative tests, monitor them throughout the procedure, and administer painkillers while they recuperate.

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